Month: February 2014

Northern KY Photo Pro Expo 2014

Northern KY Photo Pro Expo 2014

A couple weeks ago my wife and I were able to go to the Northern KY Photo Pro Expo at the Convention Center on Madison. It was a great experience! We weren’t able to attend any of the classes they offer but we did take advantage of their portfolio review and visited the trade show floor.

The review went great! A professional from Louisville sat down with Stacy and I and gave some great constructive criticism and praise on 10 of my selected images. He offered some great artistic and business advice that I look forward to taking advantage of.

Then we were off to the trade show where Westcott had a lighting setup with 2 models posing for a group of photographers. That is where I got this awesome shot! One of the takeaways I got from this experience was how my shooting style is so different from the traditional photographers. Thanks to Sony’s extremely flexible LCD screen I was able to stick my arm out with my camera and still see the LCD so I could compose my shot. All the other photographers were huddled in the floor with their faces up to their cameras looking through their view finders.

All in all it was a great experience that was really beneficial to the business too!