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Cincinnati Bell – Terrible Company Award

The photo is a screen shot from my phone call to Cincinnati Bell.  Notice the 47 min wait time in the upper right corner.

I have a new Terrible Company Award to give and the recipient is… Cincinnati Bell!  2 years ago we signed up with Cincinnati Bell Fioptics.  At the time they were cheaper than insight.  We started out at $125 a month and were reasonably happy.   They didn’t have everything that insight did but it was ok, we were saving $20.  Then the bill started going up.  Eventually it reached $180 even though we had not changed or added any services.  We cut the cord.  We canceled our cable and went only with their internet.

That was terrible too.   Our modem/router started going bad.  It was a nightmare.  Cincinnati Bell’s customer service is TERRIBLE.  First we were told to bring the router back to the store to exchange. They gave us a used 5+ year old router that was the exact same as the one we brought back.  We took it home… same problems.  Again we called and got someone who had no idea what we were talking about.  We were instructed to return the modem again and ask for a newer one.  This time Stacy went, they gave her a newer router… for their DSL service, not fioptics!  Wasted trip #2.  

Upset, I called customer service and told them what happened.  When met with a non-caring attitude I asked if they cared about customer service at all and were willing to issue a credit to make a customer happy.  I would have been satisfied with $5.  She put me on hold for 15 min and then came back and told me no.  She then told us we could go exchange it at the nearest Cincinnati bell store.  I told her it was 8:30 and they were closed.  She assured us it was open till 9pm.  We rushed up there just to be met with a closed sign.  I called back and demanded some sort of good will credit and was eventually put on hold and hung up on.  

Then when trying to upload a wedding album the internet would slow me down and cut me off after 15 min.  This was the last straw.  After another terrible customer call we had enough and switched to Time Warner Cable.  When we first got the service they installed a large white box for fioptics and told us they weren’t going to come get it even though we canceled.  This white box is about 2 feet by 2 feet and hangs on our wall in the laundry room.  It’s a huge eyesore.  After 2 hours dealing with their customer service, we were finally able to cancel and get them to come get their equipment.  Hopefully they will show up when they said they will.

I do not recommend Cincinnati Bell to anyone.  They do not care about the customer experience or about the quality of your work.  They just want to provide you with inferior service at a higher cost.